NeoGraft® - FUE (Folicular Unit Extraction)

Hair Transplant and Restoration for Las Vegas, Henderson, & Nearby Areas in Nevada


NeoGraft® is an advanced automated FUE (Folicular Unit Extraction) device that has been used in Europe for the past several decades and is now FDA approved in the United States. Hair Transplant Vegas is one of the first locations in the United States and first in Nevada to offer this exciting new technology. Dr Brown and his staff are experts in hair restoration surgery specializing in this exciting new technology.

Dr. Steve Brown was the first micro-surgical hair surgeon in Nevada to offer this exciting technique. He has performed hair restoration procedures on a vast number of patients including performers, reality stars, professionals, athletes, and students who have benefited from his expertise. Dr. Brown is personally involved with every hair transplant from initial consultation to post-operative follow up. As a top NeoGraft® surgeon his skills along with his stride for perfection, care of patients, and experience with NeoGraft® are important attributes in obtaining a superior aesthetic result and stress free experience.

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What Is NeoGraft?

NeoGraft® is a simple procedure that is minimally invasive with little chance of complications, minimal discomfort, quick recovery, and most important, no linear scar as seen with the strip technique of harvesting hair. Using NeoGraft®, Dr. Brown is able to extract around five hundred follicular units per hour, easily enabling a transplant of several thousand follicular units. Each unit consists of 1-5 hairs as it naturally grows on you head. Prior to NeoGraft®, only several hundred units could be extracted per hour using a manual technique.

The NeoGraft® Procedure

The procedure begins with Dr. Brown reviewing your goals and marking the new hairline or bald areas with a pen. Oral sedation is given for your comfort. The back of the head, or donor site is closely shaven, and local anesthesia is administered to numb the area using a non-painful solution along with advanced equipment to minimize discomfort. The next several hours are then spent extracting the follicles with the NeoGraft® machine. During this time, patients are relaxed listening to music while being fully monitored by state of the art equipment for your safety.

Extraction using NeoGraft® is a huge benefit of this technique. Unlike the strip technique there is no use of a scalpel, sutures, or staples. No donor site linear scarring giving patients the ability to wear short hair in the future, no postoperative tightening of the scalp, and very low risk of bleeding or nerve damage along with healing time in the days and not weeks.

After a quick lunch break, the second part of the procedure begins with artistic and precise implantation of the new follicles. This is the most important part of the procedure to assure a natural looking hair restoration. The correct angle of the grafts along with depth is precisely made using a special implanting device. With the strip procedure, grafts have been slivered or cut from a large strip of scalp to smaller units usually consisting of several follicular units (plugs) to save time. With NeoGraft®, only pristine single follicles are used which assures a natural look without the plugs. The grafts have a higher survival rate, as there is little handling of the units once extracted by the NeoGraft® machine.

The procedure ends with additional long acting local anesthetics and special anti-inflammatory drugs to minimize or eliminate pain. Post-operative instructions will be reiterated that include care of your new hair, bathing, hats, etc. Follow up is usually in a week.

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