Myths Surrounding Hair Loss in Men and Women

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Understanding the factors that relate to hair loss can be frustrating and sometimes lead you to believe in myths perpetuated by the media and misinformation circulating on the internet. You do not know why you are losing your hair, but everyone you meet seems to have an idea as to why your hair is slowly thinning or balding. There are many factors that tie into hair loss, but how can you tell the difference between truth and misconceptions? Patients and consumers worried about their hair and hair habits should first seek the advice of a hair specialist and understand the reasons behind their hair loss.

Not all medical professionals share the same level of experience and training, but Dr. Steve Brown is Nevada’s most experienced NeoGraft surgeon and an active member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. Dr. Brown along with his staff utilize the most advanced technology in hair restoration and after diagnosis, predetermine the efficiency of a NeoGraft hair transplant procedure.

Before combing over the specifics of NeoGraft, take a look at the mistruths behind hair loss and compare the facts.

Myths Involving Hair Loss

Myth #1 – “Wearing Hat Causes Hair Thinning or Balding”

People believe that hats cause hair thinning or balding. False, hats do not cause hair to thin or baldness. Dirty hats however can lead to scalp infection and as it accelerates, it progresses into hair loss. As long as hat use is rotated frequently and hats are clean there should not be a problem wearing hats.

Myth #2 – “Swimming in a Pool Causes Hair to Fall Out”

The chlorine can cause hair shafts to dry and make them brittle, but does not cause thinning or falling out.

Myth #3 – “Hair Loss is Passed Down to Men, Only from the Mother’s Side of the Family”

The hereditary issue is more dominant on the woman’s side, but research suggests that if a male’s father is bald the male is more likely to develop male pattern baldness.

Myth #4 – “Sunscreen Application to The Scalp Causes Hair to Thin and Fall Out”

False. It is recommended to use sunscreen on the scalp for those with thinning hair to prevent sunburns. Sunburn on the scalp is one of the first indicators of hair loss for men and women.

Myth #5 – “Blow Drying Wet Hair, Eventually Causes it to Fall Out”

No, there is no truth to hair dryers causing hair to thin or fall out. Too much heat or drying may cause hair to brittle, but will not increase the likelihood of falling out.

Myth #6 – “Wearing Hairspray, Gel and Other Hair Products should be Avoided to Prevent Hair Loss”

False. They do not lead to balding and neither will shampoo or washing hair frequently.

Myth #7 – “People Who Braid Their Hair Can Increase The Risk of Hair Falling Out”

This is part myth and truth, because braiding the hair for a short time is normal and does not increase risk of hair loss. However, long-term braiding and tight cornrow braiding has abilities of destroying hair follicles and leads to hair loss. This is a condition, known as traction alopecia.

According to Mayo Clinic, hair loss can result from certain hair styles which pull the hair too tightly. Hairstyles such as pigtails or cornrows should be avoided. Traction alopecia occurs to those who put a lot of stress on hair follicles, and the frequency of these tight braids results into receding hairlines.

What Can Be Done to Treat Hair Loss?

Those who encounter signs of hair loss can turn to the automated hair harvesting technique with NeoGraft hair restoration. An automated follicular unit extraction device extracts up to a thousand hair follicles an hour from a donor site on the back of the patient’s head and transplants them to balding or thinning areas.

Hair Transplant Vegas offers this FDA approved procedure to men and women who want to avoid traditional strip surgical techniques. The NeoGraft procedure avoids the use of scalpels, staples, stitches and linear scarring.

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The professionals of Hair Transplant Vegas encourage men and women to know the truth behind hair loss and take charge of their scalp. Not all the activities we do cause our hair to thin or fall out. Make an appointment to see Dr. Bown and know the difference between hair loss myths and facts. Ask him if NeoGraft is effective to treat your hair loss, and maintain a full head of hair for years to come.