Hair Loss and Self Esteem

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It may seem obvious, but the development of hair loss can have a profoundly negative impact on self esteem in both men and women. Hair has long been a symbol of beauty, confidence, and even virility. For many people, hair loss can represent a loss of these attributes when they look at themselves in the mirror. The important thing is to not feel too badly about the way hair loss affects your self esteem.

Hair Loss Self Esteem

All too often, people who suffer from hair loss go through a two-stage process of depression and self-loathing. First, the initial hair loss causes a dip in self esteem. This is natural, even for those who do not place a particularly high premium on looks. Hair loss represents a fundamental change in appearance for many people. Feeling a blow to your self esteem is natural in this state.

The second reaction is more problematic. Many people, upon experiencing a bout of self doubt when confronted with hair loss, begin to feel guilty about their initial feelings. Those who place a high premium on appearance may feel especially shallow when confronted with hair loss. If this sounds like you, you should know that being concerned about hair loss doesn’t make you shallow. Anyone who has spent a lifetime looking one way is certain to have some trouble adjusting when appearances suddenly change.

As a matter of fact, dissatisfaction over hair loss is usually what spurns a person to seek hair replacement. Ultimately, these procedures can help you look the way you’ve always seen yourself again. If that gives you a boost to your self esteem, it’s really a good thing. It’s the same advice you would give anyone in a similar situation: if you don’t like the way things are going, make a change. And don’t feel bad about it.