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Hair Transplant and Restoration for Las Vegas, Henderson, & Nearby Areas in Nevada


Dr. Steven Brown -  Hair Restoration & Neograft Specialist in Las VegasHair Transplant Vegas was the first microsurgical hair restoration facility to bring this newest and latest technology of aesthetic hair restoration to Las Vegas, Nevada. Featuring NeoGraft 2.0®, a state-of-the-art, FDA-approved automated hair transplant system which does away with the painful linear incision and the resultant linear scar. The NeoGraft 2.0 is a revolutionary upgrade to the original NeoGraft machine which we have been using since 2011. Though the original NeoGraft was a great machine, Neograft 2.0 has some significant technologic advances to improve the FUE extraction procedure and maximize the final results of your hair transplant.The procedure is virtually painless with no scalpel, or linear scar so that healing is quick and will allow men to continue to have short hairstyles if desired. 

Dr. Steve Brown is personally involved with the procedure from the initial consultation, design, extraction, and placement of the grafts. This is in contrast to many other physicians who have purchased the NeoGraft® machine as a business tool and have little contact with their patients outside of selling the procedure. His surgical skills along with his stride for perfection, care of patients, and experience with NeoGraft® are important attributes in obtaining a superior aesthetic result and stress free experience.

Automated FUE is also the most desired minimally invasive surgical method of extracting and transplanting hair, and it has become the state of the art hair surgery for hair restoration. With over 10,000 hair restoration procedures performed with NeoGraft® worldwide, excellent and natural aesthetic results are the expected outcome. Automated FUE with NeoGraft® is a proven surgical technique and will enhance your hair density and provide a youthful appearance.

If you notice significant thinning or bald spots, then you have already lost approximately 50 percent of your hair in that area. If thinning hair or baldness is a concern to you, then you have come to the right place. At Hair Transplant Vegas, we only offer the most up to date, state of the art procedures in hair restoration to ensure you get the most natural results possible, and we are proud to be Nevada’s first and leading NeoGraft® provider.

From the moment you arrive at our facility, you’ll recognize our commitment to excellence in both clinical care and individualized patient service. We are devoted to helping you battle hair loss and ensure you will receive the personalized care necessary to make your time with us a rewarding and life changing experience. Dr. Steve Brown together with his staff at Hair Transplant Vegas work to make each patient feel comfortable and educated about all aspects of hair restoration, both surgical and non-surgical.

For more information about hair restoration and replacement, please contact Hair Transplant Vegas by phone at 702-990-1975 or online.