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NeoGraft 2.0® hair transplant is an automated technique for harvesting individual hair follicles, otherwise know as FUE (follicular unit extraction). It is newer technology that results in no linear scarring, minimal discomfort, quick recovery, and a natural result without the plugs seen from other techniques. The automation allows Dr. Brown to quickly harvest a large number of follicles during a single session.

The minimally invasive NeoGraft 2.0® Automated (FUE) Hair Restoration procedure is quickly becoming the new “gold standard” for hair transplant procedures.

Hair Transplant Vegas specializes in hair transplant surgery using NeoGraft®. With this state of the art equipment, Dr. Brown is able to automate the technique of Follicular Unit Extraction. This allows for hair transplant procedures ranging from smaller techniques for eyebrow or facial hair augmentation to much larger or “mega-session” transplants consisting of thousands of grafts to repopulate the frontal hairline and crown area.

Because of the efficiency and accuracy of the NeoGraft® procedure, we are able to accomplish your goals in a single session with minimal discomfort, low risk of complications, and a quick recovery with patients returning to work as early as the next day. For more information about hair transplant treatment at our facility in Henderson, Nevada, please call 702-990-1975  today.

Traditional Strip Surgery

This used to be the gold standard in hair transplant surgery. Most of the larger hair transplant chains and physicians continue to use this technique as it is less expensive without the need for specialized equipment and allows several patients to be done on the same day.

The negatives of this procedure are that it always leaves a linear scar that has the potential to enlarge over time. It is also considerably more painful as a large piece of scalp needs to be excised from the head and closed with staples or suture. Dr. Brown sees numerous patients each month who have undergone this procedure and are unhappy with the resultant scar. In addition, the complication rate is much higher with infections, pain, swelling, and a much longer healing time.

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Manual FUE

The traditional approach to taking hair follicles for FUE is to use a manual punch and then extract each follicular unit with forceps. Though similar to NeoGraft®, the procedure is much slower allowing only several hundred follicles to be collected during a session. Viability of the grafts become an issue because of the increased time and handling involved.

In addition, there are other physicians in Nevada who recently discovered the benefits and superior results with FUE. Due to financial considerations they are using various automated devices that are either not FDA approved, or much less expensive equipment and claiming that it equals NeoGraft®. NeoGraft® is the only automated equipment that works with precision surgical grade equipment using gentle suction to remove each follicle. It is important that if you are considering a transplant procedure that you do your research and ask specific questions in regards to other equipment.

Please contact Hair Transplant Vegas online or by phone at 702-990-1975 to learn about advanced hair restoration and replacement options.

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