Bald Men Don’t Need to Settle, Three Easy Steps to Better Hair

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Over the years bald men have been beaten over the head (no pun intended) with hundreds of advertisements for hair loss treatments, hair recovery products, toupees and more. Hair loss starts to occur around the age of 35 on average, but the best way to treat it is hard to decipher between the myriad of ads proclaiming to have the miracle cure. There are hundreds of maintenance options that hair gurus talk about, but men do not need another grocery list of instructions. So here are three easy steps to better hair for men.

Step #1 – “Check the Drain After Each Shower for Hair”

This may seem like a given, but lots of men fail to account for the amount of hair that they lose each day. The best way to stay on top of hair loss is to observe and remove hair that accumulates in the shower drain after every wash. A small clump of hair is normal at an early age, but when there is more than just the usual amount, see your doctor. There may be a scalp infection, baldness or a rare nutritional deficiency.

Men, do not panic or overreact when there is more hair on the drain than usual! Neograft hair transplant can be a great option to restore a full head of hair. Follicular unit extraction, known as FUE hair transplant, is a painless and scalpel-free procedure that has restored natural hair for thousands of men in America. Your doctor will determine when the time is right to consider NeoGraft.

Step #2 – “Bald Men, Can Go for Short Hair Styles”

Settling for short hair styles is natural for men as they get older. The combover is not a stylish hair trend women are attracted to. Keep the hair cut tight and avoid using too much product above the crown when styling hair.

Keep your hair simple and trim down to get that Bruce Willis look, or embrace the baldness and shave it off. Bald men require less maintenance for styling, so it does have its advantages, especially when you are late for work. There are worse things that could happen, but if you are still considering a hair transplant avoid shaving hair off.

Step #3 – “Add a Few Drops of Cologne or Fragrance into Hair Gel, and Apply”

Men’s hair that looks good should smell good too. Instead of walking around all day with the sweaty stench, utilize natural home remedies and add some fragrance to your hair styling products and then apply, it is that simple. When your significant other wants to curl up close to you and play with your hair she will be appreciative of the gesture and want to hold on to you longer.

According to Robin Dunbar, Author of The Science of Love and Betrayal, women rated odor as more important than visual cues as opposed to men. Women find that the smell of a partner is more appealing both in non-sexual and sexual arousal contexts. A pleasant smell on the head is better than an upsetting stench on bald men.

 Men can pay attention to their hair ahead of hair loss. Embracing hair loss is not always the answer, but it is a great alternative than the combover. Hair plugs do not always produce effective results as they should, FUE hair transplant may provide better results for bald men. Smelling nice for your lover makes everything much better. Take notice after every wash and catch signs of hair loss before letting hair sink down the drain.