NeoGraft versus Traditional Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant and Restoration for Las Vegas, Henderson, & Nearby Areas in Nevada


In recent hair replacement news, an issue needs to be settled; “what is better, a traditional hair transplant or a NeoGraft hair transplant?” You want to look your best and having a full head of hair makes you that much better. So what should you turn to when your hair starts to become thinner as you grow older? The answer should be NeoGraft.

NeoGraft hair replacement is a minor surgical procedure that is less invasive compared to the traditional hair transplant. It is follicular unit extraction device that was first developed in Europe and was recently approved by the FDA. According to the American Hair Loss Association, approximately two-thirds of men experience hair loss by age 35, and women make up 40% of all hair loss sufferers in the United States. With NeoGraft you can restore your look without any scalpels, stitches, staples or incisions and it is less painful. Above all, men and women can turn to NeoGraft because it is more affordable than the traditional procedure.

The results between both procedures are the same, but there are more qualities with NeoGraft. A traditional procedure will give you the great look, but the pain and scarring is not worth it in the end. A strip of skin tissue is cut from the back of your head, and then the surgeon transplants the hair follicles from that skin to your scalp. In some cases patients will be prescribed medication to manage the pain, and if skin doesn’t heal properly they run the risk of infection. NeoGraft will not leave you with a scar from ear-to-ear, and pain will be at a minimum. You can even go back to work within the next day. The scar that is left behind from the traditional procedure will not be fully covered up with hair until about four months, but with NeoGraft you will be able to enjoy life worry free without an unattractive scar.

With NeoGraft you can sit back and relax and watch your hair transform. The transplant is performed with an anesthetic that doesn’t require IV sedation. The staff at NeoGraft Nevada will be there to monitor your comfort levels. You will be awake during the procedure and you will be able to watch TV or talk with the team as they perform.

When you experience hair loss make the call to the team that you can trust. Choose NeoGraft and enjoy yourself as you get transformed back to the old you. Your friends and relatives will notice how great and natural your hair looks. With no linear scars or stitches of any kind, no one will ever know that you had any work done whatsoever. Don’t let those bald spots take over your scalp. Turn to NeoGraft Nevada today.